How To Stretch Time.

How To Stretch Time.

I have discovered that I can do more things by stretching time. If I can do it then, trust me, anyone can. How come that as soon as someone says 'trust me', you look at them with distrust? I digress...

I stretch time by using it more intensively, pausing, cutting disturbances and diversifying it.

Using time more intensively simply requires more puff and more endurance. I have forced myself to do more physical exercise. By all mean join a club or start a new sport, but that did not work for me. I tried to integrate exercise into my daily life, but my daily life does not rhyme with routine. Cycle to work, walk regularly, time yourself when you carry the bins? Bins to close? Can you throw them into your neighbour's yard? Tried them all.

But a study confirms that, overall, those who kill themselves over the weekend through a super intensive exercise (football game, climb, cycle) are as fit as those who go to the gym every day during the week and just wallow along. So a death a week is better than 1 hour (+prep) a day...It works for me and people regularly stop me to admire my physique. Well, I am sure they want to anyway.

You can stretch time by stopping and taking a breath. What are you actually doing? How well are you doing things which are not worth doing?

You pay for your mobile phone, so you are its boss. It is time to put it on the naughty step! As we all know, the naughty step has a dubious impact on kids, but whilst they are on it, it does give us a breather!

You can stretch time because it is elastic. By doing more you can do...more. At work, if you want something done, delegate it to the busiest person. If you have time, delegate your task to Mr Horizontal. Guaranteed that the following day he will be asking you what he is supposed to be doing.