How To Stop Calls On My Landline

How To Stop Calls On My Landline

Every day, you are bombarded by robocalls. Some do not mind, others do.

You can do something about it. You can stop calls on your landline.

1.) Reduce the number of calls by signing up to the Do Not Call registry.

The national Do Not Call list protects landline and mobile numbers so you can register to stop calls on your landline.

There are limitations to the Do Not Call registry: unscrupulous telemarketers and robocalls will continue to come in because FCC regulation does not prohibit political robocalls.

In other words, campaign robocalls will continue even if you signed up to the Do Not Call registry.

To register via the Internet, go to .

2.) Stop calls on your landline by using call blocking technology. For more information call 408-872-6822

Call Blocking technology is the only way to effectively block up to and including 100% of nuisance and scam calls.

It works because:

The technology works

The technology is easy to use.

Depending on how it is used, the user can select which numbers come through to their phone and which ones do not, to their own personal preference.

For more information on call blocking technology and methods to stop scam and nuisance calls, please call our experts freephone on 408-872-6822 or contact us through our form. We'll show you the options and then it is up to you.

The latest scam aims to trick you to give your personal account information. They are so good that people of all ages get scammed. You can stop unwanted calls on your landline. The real question is are these calls bothering you enough so you will take 2 minutes to research call blocking technology.