How To Make The Best Of Time

How To Make The Best Of Time

The first step is to accept that you can have some degree of control over time.

The second step is to accept that being happy every day is exhausting, the best way to do it is to build some happy habits. This way happy becomes the default position.

I was doing a video of myself walking in the hills recently (don't ask) and I was having a great time. I looked miserable as sin though. When last weekend I again went in the hills I made a point of smiling at the camera. So much so that I was afraid it would look silly and I had a good laugh. So yes I looked like a total idiot but my wife, for once, liked the video as it was very happy. Make smile your default face position, give yourself a kicking when it is not and you will get better at it. I promise you will start to look at time more positively.

The third step is to make sure you have enough energy to control time and smile all the...time. Get some proper sleep!

The third step is to get some real life 'likes'. For this, the only way forward is for you to start handing them out. Give compliments as often as you can and find what you have to be grateful for.

The last step: get over yourself. Grudge? Complaint? Anger? Treated unfairly? Get over it and move on, life is too short