How To Be Selfish In A Nice Way

How To Be Selfish In A Nice Way

I am selfish. For me it is vital to take care of myself, to rest and to enjoy my life. I get such a buzz out of that, it energises me.

I am selfish but my empathy prevents me from taking care of myself, resting and enjoying my life if it is done at the expense of others. At the same time, I got over myself a long time ago and I have stopped blaming others for my problems a long time ago.

I am not selfish enough. My son always goes first and a bit of self discipline on my part would enable me to keep him at a distance from time to time so that I can get a breather and be a better more thoughtful father. But my son always goes first and I do everything for him which means I have a way to go to become top father. Having said that, I am selfish enough to have all the time in the world for my son.

So yes I am selfish but I do not mind as I do it in a way that no one minds. More than that, I have so many commitments that I need personal space to meet them all. Being selfish at times gives me time to be more generous.

Does it mean that I spend an hour a day on top of a tower, music in my ears, book in hand ignoring the world? No, I have never been so busy and I have never managed to do so many things, but by being selfish, I am busy doing things worth doing and have stopped doing well what is not worth doing. Being selfish enables me to switch the autopilot off.