Top 3 Scams To Watch Out For

Top 3 Scams To Watch Out For

As we enter September and leave the summer months behind there are still more and more phone scams being reported throughout the US every day. We’ve taken a look at three of the biggest ones to keep an eye out for.

Scams targeting college students as the academic year begins have been on the rise in the US, with several colleges reporting incidents involving phone calls being made to students demanding money. Scammers are threatening students with kicking them out of college unless the debts are paid. As more and more students head back to college, this scam could get even bigger so be on guard.

Credit card scams are also being reported across the country with one woman receiving a phone call from a scammer pretending to be from VISA trying to extract personal information from her. These types of scams have always been popular and this looks set to continue.

Robocalls are one of the biggest problems in the US and a recent scam has seen an influx of Chinese language robocalls that are targeting immigrants, either claiming they are in trouble and must pay to stay safe or stating a delivery has been made for them from their own country and asking for payment to ensure it’s delivered safely. Of course neither is true!

With nuisance and scam calls still as prominent as ever, we would strongly advise anyone to be cautious when taking an unsolicited phone call and never to hand out personal or financial information over the phone.

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