Florida Watch Out For This Scam

Florida Watch Out For This Scam

Time-Share Scams

The victim is contacted via telephone by a subject claiming to be a real estate “broker.” The “broker” claims to represent an out-of-state or international buyer who is interested in purchasing the victim’s time-share. Typically, the “broker” offers a purchase price that far exceeds the fair market value of the time-share. Upon agreeing to the price, the victim is directed to remit a fee (property taxes, transfer fees, filing fees, etc.) via wire transfer in advance of the sale. Once the victim remits the payment, the suspect ceases all communication and the sale is never consummated.

How To Report Robocalls

Go on the Do Not Call (DNC) list.

In many jurisdictions, you can add your number to a DNC registry. In the US, this scheme is run by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Telemarketers who call people on the DNC list are liable for hefty fines. It definitely doesn’t guarantee you won’t receive any scam calls, but it can reduce the number of calls you receive from legitimate telemarketers, so it’s easier to spot the fakes

How To Report Suspected Phone Scams

The FCC encourages you to report scams or suspected schemes. Even if law enforcement is unable to investigate every case, knowledge of various hoaxes helps government agencies to issue warnings to other members of the public. Here’s where to report scams for various :

How To Block Scam Calls

For robust solutions consider using Call Blocking technology.

For landline:

CPR Call Blocker (Available on Amazon.com)



For Cell Phone:

True caller Call Blocker Hiya