FCC Robocall Strike Force

FCC Robocall Strike Force

The Federal Communications Commission has set up what it calls a Robocall Strike Force to combat unwanted robocalls. The Robocall Strike Force is looking for existing solutions and working from them towards the perfect solution.

"As in any pressing challenge like this," FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, "perfect is the enemy of the good. The nature of software, as you all know, is to start and continually improve. Let's have that philosophy here."

CPR Call Blocker welcomes this initiative by the FCC and key members of the American telecommunications industry. For far too long millions of Americans have been held in the grasp of unscrupulous telemarketers and robocalls. At CPR Call Blocker we believe that the phone is a tool for communication, not a portal for annoyances at best and life-destroying scams at worst. We are optimistic that the industry, in partnership with government can finally take control of this problem and protect the millions of vulnerable Americans who experience the scourge of robocalls daily.

FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn illustrated the extent of complaints to the FCC about robocalls; "During the first six months of 2016, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) related issues, accounted for nearly half of the more than 175,000 tickets filed with the FCC’s consumer help center."

The technology to stop unwanted robocalls already exists. CPR produces the world's most popular landline call blocking device, the CPR Call Blocker. Our range of call blockers are simple to set up and use. Simply connect one side of the call blocker to a wall jack/phone router and the other to a telephone base. The Call Blocker is ready to intercept unwanted calls of all kinds. With 5,000 of the worst known international scam numbers pre-loaded and the ability to block a further 1,500 numbers at the touch of a button. CPR Call Blocker enables you to take back control of your privacy. It is exactly this kind of technology which the FCC is looking for to make a big impact on robocalls.

CPR Call Blocker is engaging with the Robocall Strike Force and will be lending our expertise as an industry-leading organization in the prevention of unwanted calls.

https://www.fcc.gov/news-events/events/2016/08/first-meeting-industry-led-robocall-strike-force https://www.callblockerusa.com/products/call-blocker-v5000-stop-robo-calls