What Have Nuisance Calls Driven You To Do?

What Have Nuisance Calls Driven You To Do?

There are many methods that people use when trying to deal with nuisance and scam callers, some of which are more successful than others.

Our range of call blocking products are one of the simplest ways to deal with the problem as they come pre-programmed with a list of blocked known nuisance call numbers and give you the ability to block further numbers at the touch of a button.

However we have come across stories of people using more alternative methods to deal with the problem and we picked out some of our favourites.

Lots of people have handed the problem over to their children, and one internet user said that they simply give the phone to their two year old who proceeds to tell the caller what they’ve been doing that day, before ending the call with ‘love you bye’.

Another popular method for people online is to immediately ask the caller to wait after answering the phone, as there is ‘someone at the door’ or ‘someone on the other line’ and then to simply leave them wait on the line for as long as possible before they eventually hang up.

Finally, a valued customer of ours keeps a logbook beside his phone and takes details of each and every caller who still manages to get through to him. He takes note of the individuals name, where they claim to be calling from and the nature of the conversation before blocking them and updating his log. Every year he sends us an up to date log for our records along with a letter of thanks for his call blocker and the work we are doing – thanks David!

There are countless stories of what nuisance calls have driven people to do but it is important to remember that the best way of dealing with the problem once and for all is to purchase one of our call blockers.