Watch out for the COVID-19 vaccine scam

Watch out for the COVID-19 vaccine scam

If you went online on New Year's Day, there's a huge chance that you also got a congratulatory message for surviving 2020. 

However, here's the thing. We might have gone through the year 2020, but the sad news is, the pandemic isn't over yet. And even with various vaccines being approved by different countries all over the world, there still isn't any assurance that we'll be going back to normal anytime soon. What's worse is that there are still people out there who are willing to take advantage of the situation just to steal.

Introducing the latest coronavirus scam - the COVID-19 vaccine scam.

What is the COVID-19 vaccine scam?

This scam starts with a call from an unknown person who will introduce themselves as a public health official. They will walk you through all the processes that are involved in getting the vaccine, and will offer you early access in exchange for some personal details including your Social Security Number. They may even ask you for an "additional payment".

How can you spot this scam?

  • If they tell you that they're from Medicare, know that Medicare won't normally call their beneficiaries to offer their services.
  • No amount of money can enhance your vaccine eligibility. Therefore, if they ask you to pay anything over the phone, start getting suspicious.
  • Your healthcare provider shouldn't be asking for your personal details over the phone.
  • You shouldn't be forced to make quick decisions about the vaccine, especially over a call.

What should you do to avoid this scam?

  • Hang up immediately if you suspect a fraudulent call.
  • Make sure that the phone number at the back of your health insurance card matches the caller ID before giving out any information.
  • Check with your healthcare provider prior to paying for, or receiving any COVID-19 related treatment.
  • Report fraud to the Federal Trade Commission 
  • Use a call blocker like the CPR V5000 to avoid calls like this. Not only can it block unsolicited numbers at a touch of a button, but it's also pre-programmed to block 5,000 nuisance numbers provided by the FCC. This helps provide a dramatic reduction in the amount of scam calls you get every day.


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Things have already been tough. Therefore you shouldn't let any scammer seize the opportunity to prey on you and your loved ones.