Top 3 Scams To Watch Out For

Top 3 Scams To Watch Out For

As we reach the halfway stage of 2018 there have been lots more scams doing the rounds that we’ve picked up on. We took a closer look at three of the most prolific to keep an eye out for.

The ‘Sheriff Scam’ has been widely reported throughout the US, with scammers calling people and asking for sums of money. Scammers ‘reasons’ for demanding payment have ranged from accusations of failing to appear for court duty to claiming someone the victim knows has been arrested and money is needed to solve the issue.

The ‘IRS Scam’ has also continued to be reported in recent months with scammers hiding behind the veil of the government agency to try and trick people in to paying taxes that they don’t actually owe.

The final scam that we have seen rise in the US recently is known as the ‘Credit Card’ scam. Perhaps one of the most vicious of them all, scammers are using bullying and intimidating tactics to convince seniors to purchase pre-paid credit cards and asking them for the identification numbers so that they can drain the money from the cards, leaving the victims to build up large debts.

It’s often the case that scammers aren’t even tactful about the way they approach these phone calls and will simply try and intimidate people in to making bad decisions.

With people falling victims to these scams and many more every day in the US, now more than ever we would advise people to stay vigilant and never give out personal information.

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