Top 3 Call Blocker for Landline Phones

Top 3 Call Blocker for Landline Phones

In this digital era, we are well accustomed to unwanted calls such as, spam calls and robocalls, which are not only annoying but also alarming in some cases. Today, we are here with the best possible solutions to get rid of such irritating calls.

To start with, first, let us have a brief idea of how alarming these annoying calls are. The report says that in 2020, the number of illegal spam calls was more than 32 billion. You might be wondering about seeing such a huge number but the way the world is getting digitized, such a number is not unexpected but, undoubtedly, such a number is very alarming. Therefore, you should not concentrate on how big the number is, rather you should concentrate on how you will have an unwanted-call-free life. As known by all that if there is a problem, there must be a solution. So, to deal with unwanted calls, the world comes with a solution called the “Call Blocking” service. We will discuss the call blocking service in detail but before that, we will try to understand the present scenario and the reasons behind having such huge numbers of unwanted calls. 

Unwanted Calls: Legal or Illegal? 

There are a few fundamental reasons behind having unwanted calls. First of all, with the emergence of digital marketing, people rely on digital platforms to advertise their products. Telemarketing is also emerging in such a number because of the availability of phones to everyone. If someone advertises a product by telemarketing, it means the product’s information is reaching the customers directly; which makes the marketing department do telemarketing much and more than previous. Besides, some frauds make calls with fake identity to deceive you. Moreover, besides illegal calls, there are legal calls from the governments and allowed organizations. For these reasons, there are a huge number of Robo and Spam calls you are unwantedly experiencing every day.

Now, You are maybe wondering whether to identify or to differentiate between legal and illegal robocalls. Ok, let us have a glance to understand which are the legal robocalls.

  • Political calls are considered legal
  • Some health care providers calls are also legal
  • Debt collection calls: If a business is contacting you to collect a debt can use robocalls to reach you which is ok but if such robocalls try to sell you something to reduce your debt are undoubtedly illegal and are almost certainly scams.

Moving forward, as there are also illegal calls, we need to identify them. If a caller (ex. robocall) tries to sell you something without your permission, then this will be considered as an illegal call unless that particular caller or his company has written permission to call you in such a way. But By breaking the law, if there is a robocall without your permission, then this can be a scam. Scammers can fake the names and numbers, making it similar in appearance to a call from a government agency, for example, the Social Security Administration or a local number. That is called spoofing. You can also watch out for common phone-call scams like government imposter scams. If there is someone who calls you out of the blue and asks you to hand over your personal information or pay with a gift card or wire money, it is also a scam.

Tips to Avoid Fraud from Unknown Callers:

Try to follow these simple dos and don’ts to avoid fraud:


  • To prevent more unwanted robocalls to your number download the AT&T Mobile Security and Call Protect app
  • Protect your voicemail by setting up a password.
  • Always verify the authenticity of any caller claiming to represent a government official or company.
  • If you are doing a charity, check the authenticity of the organization whether it is a rear or a scam.
  • Be aware that some websites are also scams and even include fake testimonials to do fraud.
  • Join in the National Do Not Call Registry, and, if there are any unwanted robocalls, report at


  • Do not answer any calls from unknown numbers. But if you do, try to hang up as soon as possible.
  • Do not give out your personal information (like your Social Security Number, your credit card numbers, and your checking account) over the phone.
  • Do not pay any money for shipping for “free gifts”.
  • Do not send cash or a money transfer without having the surety 
  • Do not feel pressured to make snap decisions over the phone rather take your time and think about everything calmly and wisely before going for taking an action.

These are a few free pieces of advice that might help you to reduce the risk but it will not help you to stop getting unwanted calls. To stop these annoying robocalls and spam calls, we need to use a Call Blocking device.

What is call blocking?


Call blocking enables the users to block a certain number of calls that are intended for telemarketing, or robocalls, or any unwanted calls. In simple words, the call blocking service will block all the unsolicited calls from telemarketers and robocalls. It will also block any numbers from calling you if you want to. For instance, if someone makes a promotional robocall to a certain group of people, you will not get annoyed by it if you have a “Call Blocking” service or system on your phone. 

Call Blocking Devices:

There are some call-blocking services by default of different companies but the services are very limited, which will not help us perfectly to serve our purposes. Therefore, there needs to be a perfect solution to this problem. If you want to block a number on your landline, you simply need to use a call blocking device. If you connect your phone with such a gadget, you can control the incoming calls by approving and blocking them. Below, there is given a shortlist of the best call blocking devices available in the market with their specification and key features.


Price: $89.99

Call Blocker USA

CPR CALL BLOCKER V5000 is one of the finest call blocking devices available. It stops robocalls or any unwanted calls of any kind, scam calls, insurance calls, etc. on your home phone with just a touch of a button. Moreover, it has a 5,000 pre-programmed annoying robocall database collected from FCC. Besides, you can also block 1500 more numbers without any hassle; which is more than enough. To use this gadget, you do not need any additional power supply because it takes its power from the completely free phone line. Most importantly, you can use this call blocking device with all US landlines and home phones. 

Key Features: 

  • 3 inches caller display LARGE SCREEN
  • With the large tactile button, it becomes super easy to control the call blocker.
  • CALL LIST: You can easily see the last 20 calls by pressing the call list button.
  • You can add any specific numbers to the Block List by click on the BLOCK NOW button on that specific call record.
  • You can view your full Block List by clicking on the Block List Button and if you want you can easily remove a number from the block list by just pressing the DELETE button.
  • COMPACT SIZE: The size of the V5000 Call Blocker is 3.93 inches by 4.52 inches which allows it to fit perfectly with your landing phone.
  • Pre-loaded with 5,000 of the most offending nuisance robocall numbers reported to the FCC.
  • Different Blocking Functions such as Private Blocking Function, Unknown Blocking Function, International Blocking Function, and more
  • Space-Saving Design


Price: $99.99

CPR V10000 Call Blocker is considered one of the most advanced call blockers for landing phones. Like CPR CALL BLOCKER V5000, this gadget has the same specifications but this device is not limited to these specifications. Here, you will find almost everything in an upgraded form.

Key Features:

  • Block spam or robocalls on your home phone 
  • Dual-mode blocking
  • Pre-Programmed 10,000 Number Nuisance Robocall Database
  • 2000 Additional Number blocking capacity
  • You Can Control Your Privacy With The Latest In Call Blocking Technology
  • With the large and organized buttons, it becomes super easy to control the call blocker.
  • CALL LIST: You can easily see the last 20 calls by pressing the call list button.
  • You can add any specific numbers to the Block List by click on the BLOCK NOW button on that specific call record.
  • Different Blocking Functions such as Private Blocking Function, Unknown Blocking Function, International Blocking Function, and more
  • Space-Saving attractive and handy Design
  • By only entering #2 (pound 2) on any cordless handset which is connected to the telephone base, you can easily block a number
  • You can reduce stress and anxiety as you will not get annoyed by unwanted calls.


Price: $59.99


CPR SHIELD CALL BLOCKER is one of the best selling call blocking devices. It is very famous for its simple design. You can simply press the ‘Block Now’ button if you want to add a particular number to the block list. After that, the Call Blocker Device will add the number into its unit memory. The number will be blocked permanently. So do not need to be annoyed by unwanted calls and your countless family time will be saved. This device will raise the shield to defend your phone line.

Key Features:

  • It can block robocalls or spam calls on your home phone 
  • Buy direct from our website for a 3 Year Warranty 
  • Blocked 2000 pre-programmed most annoying numbers who make illegal calls
  • You can STOP ALL your unwanted calls INSTANTLY
  • You can choose three colors with a great contemporary look
  • There are extra 1500 Number Blocking capacity
  • You can block all nuisance & scam calls at the touch of a button
  • You can block PPI, Accident, Insurance, etc. type calls
  • You can block calls from INTERNATIONAL or WITHHELD calls
  • You can block calls from OUT OF AREA & UNAVAILABLE 
  • You can block calls from fake spoof Numbers including 00
  • The design is Fashionable and modern 
  • You can easily install it in seconds and it works with your existing home phone.
  • You can reduce stress and anxiety as you will not get annoyed by unwanted calls.

Now let us move to CPR call blockers using tips to function these devices smoothly and effectively. 

  • Blocking Function: You can easily block any number by entering only two digits (#2) on any DECT handset connected to the telephone base.
  • Manual Entry: You can manually remove or enter any numbers from or to the Blocking list
  • Withheld Blocking Function: This function will reject all calls shown as WITHHELD.
  • Unavailable Blocking Function: This function will reject all calls shown as UNAVAILABLE.
  • International Blocking Function: This function will reject all calls shown as INTERNATIONAL.
  • "0" Type Calls Blocking Function: This function will reject all calls shown as multiple 0s or variations of fake numbers.
  • Unknown or Out of area Blocking Function: This will reject all Unknown or Out of area style internet Nuisance Callers
  • Last Calling Number Blocker: This function will block the last visible number if you want to.
  • Area Code Blocker: This function will block a region or country by simply blocking their area code.
  • Available color: Gloss White, Gloss Black, Matt Black

No, we are not done yet. There is one call blocking device we would like to talk about. This device is a phone with this special “call blocking” service. The name and model of the phone is “CPR CS900 CELL PHONE”. Let us look at the details of this special phone.




CPR CS900 is a very uniquely built 3G flip unlocked phone for seniors. It works perfectly with any 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA network cell phone providers globally. The phone is very useful with its enhanced volume key and keyboard. Besides having a well-designed and user-friendly phone, you will get so many facilities with a CPR CS900 cell phone. There is an SOS Emergency Assist Button to assist you in time. More importantly, there is included scam call blocker technology to help you find peace and annoyed free space in your life. Moreover, there is a camera with a torch to catch up with your moments. With Built-in FM radio, you can enjoy any local FM stations at your convenience. Even if you are on the move, it will not be a problem. The large keyboard and a large display are designed to be operated easily and to make it user-friendly. It will be a perfect phone for you if you want a simple but reliable phone for both daily uses or just for emergencies.

Key Features:

  • Big Button
  • Dual Screen
  • Large Font
  • Call Blocking 
  • Cradle Charger
  • Easy to use
  • Unlocked to 3G/2G networks globally
  • Big tactile buttons and large font
  • SOS Emergency Assist Button
  • M1+M2 Speed dial button
  • #2-#9 8 families quick-dial button
  • Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • Cradle Charger - Designed for the elderly, easy to charge, and easy to use.
  • External Screen - Help you to see who is calling, Date, Time, and Reminder.
  • Tasks Reminder - Designed for seniors who have a bad memory.