The National Do Not Call Registry & Why It Doesn't Work

The National Do Not Call Registry & Why It Doesn't Work

The epidemic of unwanted calls of all kinds has been with us so long that it’s part of our culture. Live telemarketing calls and robocalls offering everything from cruise ship holidays and get-rich-quick schemes to questionable medical cures bombard millions of Americans daily. At the darkest end of these practices many lose their entire life savings. According to the Retirement Industry Trust Association, fraudulent telemarketing techniques victimize 26% of the entire adult population of the United States at some point in their lives. Every year, these victims, 57% of which are aged 50+ lose a total of $40 billion to telemarketing fraud alone. The US government took this so seriously that in 2003, George W. Bush’s administration enacted the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act. This created what became known as the National Do Not Call Registry.

The National Do Not Call Registry was a nice idea; citizens added their number to the list and they’d never be called again. Also they could report persistent offenders to the FCC who would investigate and punish… or so we were told. We all know that even with the registry in place, unwanted calls still plague us as much today as they did before. The Do Not Call Registry does not work. Why is it that the Do Not Call Registry does not work? Simply the Do Not Call Registry relies upon the industry regulating itself. Companies pay for access to the Do Not Call Registry and are expected to comply by not contacting numbers on the list. This is simple enough, yet unwanted telemarketing and robocalls continue to bombard us. This happens because unscrupulous businesses contact consumers whether they’re on the Do Not Call Registry or not. What’s to stop them and why should they worry? Here today, gone tomorrow telemarketers easily escape prosecution after they disappear, reappearing under a new name shortly after.

If this wasn’t bad enough there are several gaping holes in the Do Not Call Registry. We all know that the majority of unwanted calls come from outside the United States. In other words the majority of offenders are outside of the Federal Government’s jurisdiction. They simply can’t be brought to justice. Further, the Do Not Call Registry does not include political calls within its remit. Did you really think the politicians were going to restrict themselves? On top of these deficiencies, survey calls are permitted. The survey call hole is used by sneaky companies who ask consumers questions for “research” and proceed to sell in the same call.

So with all of these regulations and little change, what could be done? We believe that the solution to unwanted telemarketing and robocalls will not and cannot come from regulations that the worst offenders simply ignore. The solution is to put the power back into the hands of the consumer. Call blocking technology is that solution and the CPR Call Blocker is at the forefront. With the ability to block unwanted calls, adding them to a black list, the offending caller can never call again. Imagine if every person who receives telemarketing and robocalls on their home phones used a call blocker… We would make an historical dent in the cold calling industry and protect millions of Americans from unwanted telemarketing and robocalls.

So come on, get on board and join the Call Blocking Revolution! You’ll never look back.

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