Taking Revenge On The Scammers

Taking Revenge On The Scammers

In a previous blog we looked at some of the extreme lengths people have been driven to by phone scams and the funny ways that they’ve ended up trying to deal with them.

This time we’re taking a look at those who’ve taken it that one step further by flipping the situation on its head and taking revenge on the scammer.

One man in Canada took his response to receiving scam calls to such lengths he had the scammers begging him to leave them alone. After deciding to get his own back on the scammers who’d left him a voicemail he began calling them daily pretending he was falling for the scam before revealing at the last second he knew exactly what they were doing. Spelling his name out to them as ‘Y-O-U R A-S-C-A-M’ was just one of his favourite ways of letting them down.

One reddit user tells how a scammer believed his name was ‘Info’ after seeing that his work e-mail was an ‘info@’ address. He went through six weeks of back and forth phone calls and emails before eventually revealing just how stupid he had made the scammer look and posting his whole story online.

Just two months ago a woman in the US used her extensive knowledge of tax laws to put an ‘IRS’ scammer in their place. She hilariously mocked the scammer throughout their conversation pointing out that the IRS does not send bills as they are ‘not Comcast’ and jokingly asking if the scammer would accept payment in Bitcoin. As you can imagine, the scammer eventually realised who they were dealing with and put the phone down in embarrassment.

Whilst we love hearing these tales of people giving scammers a taste of their own medicine, stopping the problem at its source is an even better option.

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