Stay Protected From Scams This Christmas

Stay Protected From Scams This Christmas

As we head towards the end of the year and with Christmas just around the corner we’ve taken another look at the latest scams being reported across the country for you to look out for.

Fake health insurance scams have become more prominent recently with an estimated 10% of the 5.1 billion robocalls across the country in October being health-care scams. With it being open enrollment season, more people are expecting to share sensitive information at the moment but this should be done by visiting an agent, rather than to an unsolicited caller.

Another scam that’s being reported is linked to a fake computer virus. People have been receiving robocalls telling them that their computer service subscription is expiring and threatening them with taking payment from them if they don’t return the call. These are scam calls and people are being advised to hang up immediately if they receive one.

Whilst we have picked out a couple of specific scams to look out for, it’s important to remember that in the run up to Christmas every year scammers are coming up with new ways to trick people out of their money. Be on the lookout for all types of phone scams as we get closer to Christmas, including unsolicited calls from people claiming to be from your bank, the IRS, your local law enforcement agencies and even charities. Scammers know that people are spending more money than usual over the coming months and that people are often in a hurry and can’t keep track of their outgoings.

As ever, we would advise people to sign up to the National Do Not Call Registry and to always be cautious when taking an unsolicited call.

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