Call Blocking Specialists Provide Support To US Veterans

Call Blocking Specialists Provide Support To US Veterans

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CPR Call Blocker’s Seven Sure Fire Ways to Deal with Scam Callers

The very best way of stopping scam calls immediately is to install a call blocker but here are seven additional ways in which you can help to protect yourself against scam calls.

Voice your concerns to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who regulate communications in all 50 states and are committed to protecting people from unwanted telemarketing calls.

Exercise caution when signing up for anything online or via the mail. Your personal details can often be shared with third parties without your knowledge if you haven’t read the small print. Make a note of what you have signed up for and what you have opted out of to keep as proof if you are contacted.

Take a note of the numbers who are calling you to report them back to both the FCC and to CPR Call Blocker so that we can add them to our database of known scam callers and the FCC can investigate.

Educate yourself on your rights as a consumer, there is a full list available on the FCC website.

Register yourself on the National Do Not Call list by phone or online at no cost. This free option can help to reduce the number of calls you receive on your home and cell phones.

Ask unwanted callers not to contact you again and tell them that you do not consent to unsolicited calls. Inform them you will be reporting the call.

Never give out any of your personal data over the phone, especially bank details or other financial information.