Arizona Deal For V5000

Arizona Deal For V5000

At CPR we're always looking at ways for our products to leave a real and positive impact on people's lives. After having a wealth of positive feedback from individual customers with our call blocker technology we saw the potential for governments and charities to aid people through the use of accessible technology.

After teaming with the Arizona Attorney General as part of their 'Fight Scam Calls Pilot Program', volunteers were sought to test the call blocker technology. After acknowledging that receiving bothersome and unwanted calls, including scam and robo, was a mounting issue for senior citizens in the state they partnered with us to take action. The call for volunteers to participate in the study has been met with an overwhelming response. Our V5000 has proved one of our most popular products, its vast storage of blocked numbers and coming preprogrammed with 5000 ready blocked unwanted callers from known call centres and reported scam numbers.

The V5000 installs in seconds and plugs into your phone line, it doesn't need power to work. The easy to use control buttons you can view the caller's number on its large 3-inch screen. You can also view the blocked number list and see how many times that blocked number has tried to contact you.

As the Arizona Attorney General website can no longer accept applicants to the program we have decided to offer a 20% discount to all residents in Arizona on the V5000. At checkout add 'ARIZONA20' to receive your discount.