4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

Do you find getting telemarketers' calls all the time annoying? How can you manage these calls and stop spam calls for good?

Call blocking is a tool that can prevent unwanted calls from getting through to you, including robocalls that are illegal and scam calls. Call-blocking features are available on landlines, mobile phones, and home phones that can make internet calls.

Just be aware that call-blocking services may block some legitimate calls. On your phone, there are several ways to block unwanted calls.

Here are some tips for avoiding unwanted calls.

National Do Not Call Registry

By joining the National Do Not Call Registry, you can reduce the number of telemarketing calls you get. By registering your phone number, you can stop telemarketing calls.

Here are the steps:

  • You can register mobile or residential phones without cost.
  • Other organizations, such as charities, political parties, debt collectors, and surveys, may still call you after registering.
  • After your number has been listed on the National Registry for 31 days, report it to the FTC if you receive an obnoxious call.

Registering won't stop computer-generated calls, which are automated marketing calls. It is so that only people, not computers, are covered by the law. It would help if you discussed stopping these calls with your phone service provider.

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

Stop Spam Calls on Your Traditional Landline Phone

You can buy and install a call-blocking device if your home phone is a traditional landline that isn't internet-connected (VoIP). Most of the time, call-blocking devices are tiny boxes you attach to your phone.

You can stop spam calls using call-blocking tools or devices with complete control over your landline. Your phone line is connected to this device, which uses caller ID.

Although you can add phone numbers to the blocklist, some devices use databases of well-known scammers' phone numbers. Your ability to create and maintain a list of phone numbers to block is required by other devices.

Here are some examples of call blockers you use to stop spam calls.

CPR Call Blocker V5000

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

One of the best call-blocking devices is the CPR V5000 Call Blocker. This gadget can help you avoid spam and robocalls. The CPR V5000 includes a spam registry containing 5000 known Robocall spam numbers. You can block 1500 more numbers at your discretion.

You can add the numbers to the block list with just one press. You can block 1500 annoying calls on the CPR V5000 with a single press of the Block Now button. It is at the top and is easy to use.

Pushing the call blocker's button will end the call and add the number to its list of blocked numbers. By pressing the #2 button, users of the CPR5000 device can block calls, which is another simple feature.

CPR Call Blocker V10000

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

A more advanced call blocker, the CPR V10000, comes preloaded with 10,000 known scam numbers. In addition to these pre-set numbers, you can use a button to block up to 2000 numbers.

The call blocker can block all international, private, and unknown numbers. To stop spam callers, you can configure this call blocker to reject calls that begin with a particular area code.

CPR SHIELD Call Blocker

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

CPR Shield is yet another caller ID and call-blocking portable device. The layout of it is very ergonomic, with buttons placed in convenient locations. The round form will become comfortable in your hands.

CPR Call Blocker comes preloaded with a database of 2000 numbers, including robocalls, spam, and political advertisement numbers. The device allows for the addition and blocking of up to 1500 numbers. To add a phone number to the list of numbers to block, press the "Block Now" button on the device's top.

Additionally, you can manually expand the device's configuration with different numbers and area codes. To make it easier to identify blocked calls, the CPR Shield call blocker provides cloaked blocking options like Private, International, and Out of Area.

Block Calls on a Home Phone That Uses the Internet (VoIP)

Make sure your phone has an internet connection first (VoIP). You might not be aware that your home phone uses VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, refers to the fact that your phone places call online instead of over conventional phone lines.

Ask your phone provider if you're unsure of what you have. However, if you subscribe to a phone, internet, and cable package or get your phone service from a cable provider, you almost certainly use VoIP service.

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

Read unbiased, professional reviews of online call-blocking services. Call-blocking applications can be used on phones with internet access to stop unwanted calls. Your phone provider might suggest one particular service. However, you can also look for professional reviews online.

You must forward all calls through the network of certain telephone services and websites, which are constantly monitored. You might have a choice in how you react to obnoxious calls. Unwanted calls, for instance, could be blocked, set to ring quietly, directed to a spam box, or routed to another voicemail.

Evaluate the choices that your phone provider offers. Visit the phone company's website or contact customer service to learn more about your options and whether it provides any recommended services. While some phone providers don't charge for these services, others do.

Block Spam Calls on Your Smartphone

You can quickly stop spam calls with the call-blocking feature included in Android smartphones. Most mobile carriers now offer a service that automatically blocks unwanted calls due to increased spam and telemarketing calls.

These carriers can track the source of incoming calls and offer services to stop robocalls. To find out more about the best options or services, visit the carrier's website or contact customer service.

4 Ways to Stop Scam Calls & Have Peace of Mind

Downloading free specialized apps from Google Play and the App Store will also stop spam calls. The following is a list of the best resources for avoiding telemarketing calls.


Truecaller, one of the world's best caller ID systems will recognize every caller. It can block spam and telemarketers. In the call history, you can see the names of unknown callers and even block calls based on a name or range of numbers.

Call Control

Call Control blocks all intrusive calls, regardless of who makes them—a robot, a telemarketer, a con artist, a bully, or anyone else. Its features include a personal blocklist, caller ID, and an intelligent dialer that can block SMS messages.


Spam calls are automatically blocked by the simple program Hiya. It provides immediate information about who is calling, whether a friend, a robocaller or a scam number. The automated spam warnings feature notifies you when spam calls are received. Additionally, you can alert the Hiya community to spoof calls. With Hiya, you can even add names and addresses to your phone book contacts.


Anywhere in the world, scammers can make calls using the internet. Whether or not your phone number is listed on the Do Not Call Registry has no bearing. Therefore, your best defense against obtrusive calls is call labeling and blocking.

A call blocker device is strongly recommended to block spam calls. Our call blockers are meant to keep you and your family safe from unwanted phone calls and give you peace of mind at home. Browse our products or get in touch with us to help you.