Pennsylvania's Most Prolific Robocallers In October

A record 5.7 billion robocalls were placed nationwide in October. See who's calling the most in Pennsylvania.

Robocalls have become such an incessant annoyance that many Americans are wary of picking up the phone. In October alone, 5.7 billion robocalls were placed, and of those, nearly 208 million were in Pennsylvania, according to YouMail's most recent robocall index.

Nationwide, robocalls are made at a rate of 182.7 million per day, 7.6 million per hour and 2,100 per second. The average U.S. resident received 17.3 robocalls in October.

The October tally is up significantly from September, when about 4.5 billion robocalls were detected, according to Alex Quilici, the CEO of the robocall blocking and tracking company YouMail.

You can read more about the "The Top 10 Robocallers in Pennsylvania" here: Pennsylvania's Most Prolific Robocallers In October

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