Georgia to Lose Millions to Robocalls
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Georgia residents warned of uptake in landline robocalls during election year

Georgia residents are being warned that robocalls are likely to increase as the country gears up for the 2020 elections.


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In Georgia, robocalls are received at a rate of 296 million per day, 426,000 per hour and 118 per second. The average resident receives 23.4 robocalls.

 Robocallers Are Targeting Georgia:

Georgia is likely to get deluged with even more robocalls in the coming months. While the information based robocalls are annoying, they are relatively harmless. However, there are other robocalls which are far from harmless and are trying to scam you. A robocall cannot legally attempt to sell you anything unless you gave them written consent, so if you receive calls of this nature simply put the phone down.

 Top Tips You Need To Know:

Typical scam callers may claim to be from the IRS or other law enforcement agencies. Advice to prevent you becoming a victim of bogus calls: 

1. Hang up if you ever have any doubts about someone who has called you.
2. Ensure the line has been terminated before making any further calls. You can tell if the dial tone is present or by using another phone.
3. Never give out your PIN number, banks will never ask for it.

 Quick 3 Step Guide:  

If you want to stop receiving scam and nuisance calls, follow CPR Call Blocker’s quick three-step guide to stopping unwanted calls:

1. Sign up to the National Do Not Call Registry – call 1-888-382-1222 or visit
2. Don’t consent to being contacted, – get your phone number taken off directories and look out for tick boxed on all marketing correspondence to see if ticking or unticking them will prevent your details being passed on to third parties.
3. Get a call blocker.

Stop Robocalls Forever With America's No.1 Call Blocker

The easiest solution to preventing and protecting your landline phone from scammers is a robo call blocker. A robocall blocker is clever little device that plugs in to your landline phone and allows you to block a caller if they're not who you expected. 

The CPR V5000 Robocall Blocker is the most advanced one out there and comes pre-loaded with 5,000 of the worst robo scam numbers, so you can just plug it in and let it do all the work for you.  As demonstrated in this video here, the CPR V5000 makes protecting your landline phone affordable and hassle free.

About CPR Call Blocker

CPR Call Blocker is one of America's leading experts in robocall blocking technology, preventing over 1 billion scam calls worldwide. 

For the last 10 years our aim has been to put scammers out of business and put people back in control of their privacy. We work with dozens of organizations such as the FCC Robocall Strike Force, Verizon, US Telecom - AT&T & the Arizona Attorney Generals Office.

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Stop Robocalls Forever With America's No.1 Call Blocker 

CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker V5000

CPR V5000 Call Blocker

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Finally, a solution to stop nuisance calls on landline! Give those unwanted calls the red-button treatment with the CPR V5000 Call Blocker for landline phones.

 Connects to your existing home phone

 Blocks 5,000 unwanted nuisance calls immediately

 Stop up to 1,500 numbers of your own choosing

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Join over 1 million customers worldwide who block over 1 billion robocalls per year

See what some of them have to say.

Robocall Blocker Reviews


Wow... just wow...

Verified Review

This thing is amazing. Seriously. Our phone was ringing at least ten times a day and of those maybe one would be someone I wanted to talk to. 90% of the robocalls stopped as soon as I plugged it in, and over the past week I have been adding the others.

The best thing? With this puppy the phone doesn't "ring once" like it does with other blockers or the "block" from my phone/cable company (not VOIP - we use Cox). Having a phone ring "half a ring" before it is blocked is annoying....

This solves that problem since it sits between the wall and the phone so it analyzes the number before the signal gets to the phone to ring it. Awesome technology. We were to the point we were going to get rid of our home phone due to the blind dial calls ("hello, this is Windows support"), the Out of Area robocalls and the Political "can I have three minutes of your time" and then you spend 30 minutes listening to someone read asinine questions about a bunch of clowns running for office. All of those are gone now. I seriously wish I could give this 10 stars. My sanity is slowly returning.

Robocall Blocker Reviews


Well worth the money,
best $100.00 I've spent

Verified Review

As the owner of a service company a good portion of my work day is spent answering the phone and I am so tired of all the marking robocalls, even with the Do Not Call Registry there are a ton of robocalls that still come in. We have about 8 phone lines that are incoming and even if each line gets on call a day that is 8 waste my time robocalls I have to field through. I resorted to the handy internet and discovered this little gem. Money well spent let me tell you, It came quickly was easy to install, unplug a phone line and plug it into the device and plug the power cord in the the outlet and viola we are on our way to freedom for marketing robocalls,

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Robocall Blocker Reviews

AZ Jim

Bye bye robocalls

Verified Review

The CPR robocalls blocker was easy to install and worked as advertised. I used the 'series' wiring and I don't get any one-time rings and the caller id data for non-blocked robocalls pass smoothly to my phone. I use a wireless system with several handsets and haven't noticed a difference in operations other than many of my unwanted robocalls are now blocked. I particularly like the ability to add a call to the blocked list using the phone handset in addition to the big red button.

Since I have my phone base station mounted on the wall, I needed to order a couple of reversed 2 foot phone cords as the included cords were too short. They'd be fine for a desk mounted phone, though.

I hate spending money for peace and quiet in my own house ,but 6 robocalls in 5 minutes the other day pushed me over the edge.

Haven't heard from my friend 'Ashley' from credit card services for weeks. Kind of miss her. Not!....

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