Emergency Assist Cell Phone With Call Blocking Technology | CS900
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CPR CS900 Flip Cell Phone with Call Blocking Technology

The CS900 Mobile is designed to safeguard you or your loved ones while maintaining active independence.

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CPR CS900 Mobile Phone


CPR CS900 3G Cell Phone

Large Easy To Use Buttons & Screen

Call Blocking Technology

SOS Instant Emergency Assist Button

Camera / LED Torch 

FM Radio / MP3 Player

call blocking Technology

Integrated with CPR Call
Blocking technology.

Pre-programmed with 900 of the worst robo numbers and the ability to block additional numbers by using the  'BLOCK NOW' button on the telephone keypad.

Emergency SOS Button

Fitted with an SOS Emergency Assist Button in case of emergencies.

When the SOS button on the rear of the phone is pressed the CS900 will send an SMS text message saying "Emergency, need help" followed by a phone call to all preset emergency contacts on a continuous loop until the call is answered.

Easy To Use

With bigger buttons, larger screens and louder voice settings, the CS900 is simple & easy to use. 

With bigger buttons and a bigger screen than most phones, the CS900 is a delight to use. The CS9000 has helpful features built-in, such as large main screen, front screen, an LED flashlight & camera, an MP3 player & bluetooth settings.

CPR CS900 3G Cell Phone

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Guy Carlton

Verified Amazon Customer


"Simple & easy to use!"

The product fulfils the needs of the user- A senior user. I would like that the Portuguese language was available. But even with that problem, because is such a simple product, the user adapt well and is happy with the characteristics of the apparatus.

Retired IT Guy

Verified Amazon Customer


"Flip Phones are back!"

The CPR CS900 is the perfect phone if you want to break away from all those apps and social media sites that take up so much of your day. You still have a working phone that’s not taking up much space in your pocket or purse and still has many modern features.

I traded my $50 a month Smartphone service for a $5 a month flip phone service and I am surprised at how much time I have left to do other things than social media and checking apps. I would recommend this phone to people who don’t need or want all the features of a Smartphone and just want to have a phone to talk with friends and have an emergency phone with you at all times.

Evie S.

Verified Amazon Customer


"A very good phone for anyone
with limitations."

I purchased this phone for ease of operation and for the emergency features. Recently activated and so far it lives up to the advertised aspects. Being elderly i am slowly going through the process of getting all the features set up and operational.

I rated it as 4 star for the reason of the instruction booklet being adequate but for an older person left some features with me scratching my head until that next step came to mind, so the phone is fine I'm the delaying factor.


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