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Are you fed up with the Robocalls infiltrating your home and disturbing your peace and quiet?

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As you have noticed, the CPR Call blocker V5000 does a remarkable job of protecting you from nuisance calls such as robocalls and political calls.

We would just like to make you aware of the V10,000. This call blocker might be of interest as it is two types of blockers in one.

In the Allow mode, the V10,000 only allows pre-programmed numbers through. It is therefore 100% effective. This function might not be useful to you, but it might well protect one of your vulnerable relatives.

In the Block mode, the V10,000 acts as a super powerful V5,000. If you are hitting the red block now button repeatedly every day, you might want to consider it. 


Feature Comparison

CPR V10000 Call Blocker
CPR V5000 Call Blocker
Compatible with all landline phones
Pre-blocked Robocall numbers



'Block Now' Capacity



Easy Setup
Large Caller Display
Can block all OUT OF AREA CALLS
Can block all INTERNATIONAL calls
Can block all PRIVATE calls
ALLOW MODE (Blocks all calls except those on your ALLOW list)
BLOCK LIST (Manually add or delete any number to your block list)
Show last 20 callers

See The CPR V10000 In Action

CPR Call Blocker has been featured in:

Comes pre-programmed with 10,000 of the worst robocall numbers.

Easy & hassle free Set-up.

Block calls from unavailable, private,
out of area or international numbers.

Block an additional 2,000 numbers at the touch of the Block Now button.

Large easy to read 3" caller
display screen.

Two-In-One Call Blocker with BLOCK LIST

See Some Of Our Amazing 5 Star Reviews

With over 1 million customers worldwide, see what some of them have to say.

Robert Sweeney

Verified Amazon Customer


 I highly recommend the CPR V10000 Call Blocker!

Before we installed the call blocker we were getting 25 to 50 calls a day and at all times of the day and night. Well, that has stopped. It took about a week for all the advertising calls to stop. The only calls coming through are the ones we want to come through. If we get one we don't want to answer, we just push the block button and the caller is blocked for as long as we want them too be. Well worth the price we paid for the product.

Anthony Vincent

Verified Amazon Customer


It is worth the money and
a good product.

This is the best product I've found! It works perfectly! My robo calls have gone from hundreds to almost none! It extremely easy to set up and use! The calls we automatically blocked on a lot of incoming calls..the others are easily blocked at the base of using your phone. If you buy this product you'll recommend it to all your friends, as I did!

Wendy M.

Verified Amazon Customer


 So glad I got it, now its so peaceful anytime of the day.

Wow, this sure is helping stop all the annoying calls we don't want or need! Love it! Our home is so much quieter without all those unwanted calls. Love this call blocker cause now I don't get all those unwanted calls anymore So glad I got it, now its so peaceful anytime of the day. The beautiful of this is that I can block the callers even after hanging up. Thank you.

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