New ‘Police’ Phone Scam Targets Indiana Businesses

A new ‘police’ phone scam is targeting businesses across the Hoosier state. This scam involves businesses getting a call from someone claiming to be with a local police department asking for donations for a community cause.

Scammers ask for the company director by name and ask if they would like to continue to support a local police community publication with a small donation. An alleged colleague calls the company director within 10 minutes of the first call to ask for a payment. When the business officials ask the caller for a call back number, the scammer claims he has forgotten his number.

Indiana businesses are being warned to hang up and be wary of unsolicited calls. Police will not ask for money via phone calls.

One way businesses can protect itself is to buy a call blocker device such as a CPR Call Blocker that plugs into any landline and has a ‘block now’ button, which ends an unwanted call and permanently blocks the number. These devices come pre-programmed with up to 2,000 known nuisance callers and have the ability to store up to an additional 1,500 numbers.

For more information, visit CPR Call Blocker.

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